Thelma Louis

Currency:USD Category:Livestock / Cattle - Texas Longhorn Start Price:1,000.00 USD
Thelma Louis
DOB: 9/20/2021
HL Missing Link x HIL5 Thelma Jane

AI’D TO GAME PLAN 94 on 5/21/2023. Confirmed bred.

COMMENTS: If you’re building a program around well producing cows, you best study this package
thoroughly. Thelma Louis is packed deep with some of the breeds best producing cows, including Horseshoe
J Journey, Horseshoe J Important, Poco Lady BL, D/O Miss Grande, BL Rio Catchit, and WS Sun Star. To top it
off, she’s bred via AI to Game Plan 94, adding two more doses of BL Rio Catchit and Horseshoe J Important, another dose of Horseshoe J Journey and also adding the beautiful Horseshoe J Pancake and Horseshoe J
Magnify cows. Thelma’s wrapped in a pretty red roan color and is very gentle and easy to be around. We can’t wait to bring her to the Flint Hills, but for now check her out at www.HetlandHorns.com.

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