Currency:USD Category:Livestock / Cattle - Texas Longhorn Start Price:1,000.00 USD
DOB: 2/8/2021
Hubbells Jeremiah 29:11 x 808 TCC Butterfly

Breeding: Exposed to Colluder from 12/4/22 to sale date.

Comments: OCV. Purple Rain is a Jeremiah 29:11 daughter and is truly one of, if not his best, offspring yet. She is a unique frosted brindle with a calm temperament as she will eat out of your hand. Her maternal great grandmother is 906 TCC Shutterbug that is 103 inch- es TTT. Purple Rain is exposed to Colluder for her first breeding. Colluder is out of the 110 inch TTT Silent Iron and is a Jamakizm son. He is 90 inches TTT (add back 6 inches broken tip) and last weighed 2091 lbs. this fall. Her calf will have a stacked pedigree from both sides. Selling Purple Rain was a tough decision but you have to offer your best 2 y/o heifer for the HV Stockyards Sale. We have worked with her since weaning and want her to go to the best home possible. This is your chance to participate in select futurities with McEntire’s Moneyball with her future calf. Bull or heifer, she’s going to produce a calf that has so much to offer in horn, color & disposition

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