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Sharpsville PA / Casey Estate Starts Closing Out
Monday Dec 05 , 11:00 .Lots closeout every minute.
Pay & Check out unit 4:00 PM on Monday, ONLY .
Please read about the bidding process, last minute (snipe) bidding dangers, overtime, and maximum (max) bid options.

We always recommend that all bidders place their maximum or "max" bid, to prevent being shut out, or over bid in the final seconds. Please note your max bid is secure, and totally confidential to only you and the system, without access to anyone. Your max bid is not used until someone bids against you. In the event no one bids against you, your max bid money is never used.

Do not risk being maxed out by the last second bidders! Always allow up 10 seconds for internet processing time, internet speed delay, and systems malfunctions.

Please also note that most sessions allow 1 to 2 overtime extensions, of 1 to 2 minutes, when bids are placed in under 2 minutes of final timeout. Again, only 1 to 2 extension bidding times. When the item has timed out, it is over. No claims by unsuccessful bidders considered, whatsoever.

We do not advise the practice of last second bidding, or "snipe" bidding, as a foolproof method of shutting out other bidders. There are many risks to this method of bidding. Such as, that current bidder may have a max bid placed, and you will be advised, you have been out bid, and to bid again. Bid times out, you loose!

Your internet, phone, or computer may drag or delay, loosing you opportunity, and so on.
Most lots/items have 1 or 2 overtime, 1 to 2 minutes each for bidders to reconsider, and counter bid the snipe bidder. The system will give you an OVERTIME notice. However, once those are exhausted, it will time out to the highest bidder.

Once again, your maximum (max) bid is safe, secure without any access to anyone, including auction co. Only you and the system. You max bid can help you from being shut out, it will "trump " all bidders to your max amount. Your access is not used unless other bid against you. That amount is not exposed or known by anyone, but you.

Any and all claims of unsuccessful bidders making alleged claims of the system did not take their bids, will be dismissed. The system is 100% foolproof and operational for all auctions, and lots.