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Creating Klondike Online Auction is the outcome of a dream I had been nurturing for many years. Everyone has heard of the quote “Follow your Passion” but most of us think, what is my passion and how do I turn that into a way to make a living? Looking for a deal, in whatever way, has always been something I love.
Looking for deals, buying other people’s castoffs (or treasures) and hearing the stories around why they no longer want or need something is fascinating. Everyone has a story, every article has a story. I acquire things, keep things, display things and often pass them along to other people who will also appreciate them.
I thought; why can’t I turn my passion into a business? To be a successful person, we need to be able to solve other people’s problems. I can help put people in touch with what they want or need and the internet is an amazing system to do that with.
This is how Klondike online Auctions came into being. The excitement of a good buy is here for anyone who wants to join us and become a part of our family of like-minded deal hunters. We may be the new kid on the block, but the passion has been in place ever since I could read those fateful words “Garage Sale”.

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