Adair Consignment Auction, Inc.

About Adair Consignment Auction, Inc.

Adair Consignment Auction, Inc. (ACA) is a family owned and run company. We are a new company but have years of experience in the heavy equipment business. My name is Kathy Nissley and I am the owner and Auction House Operator of ACA. My husband, Daniel Nissley is the equipment coordinator. Many of you may know Daniel as the owner of Nissley Equipment, Inc.. He has been in the business of buying and selling heavy equipment for over 15 years and operating and servicing equipment for over 30 years. We have earned a reputation of being honest, hard working professionals. Because of our reputation and connections with the equipment industry, we were encouraged by our customers and peers to start this auction company. We are planning to hold auctions at least twice a year and will do our best to keep everyone informed on items as they are consigned. ACA on-site auctions are drive-thru and we have live internet bidding. We are now having ONLINE ONLY auctions also. As a consignor, you can put your trust in us that we will do everything we can to get you the best fair market price for your items. As a buyer, you can be assured we will run an honest and respectable auction.

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