Auction Payment Info

Accepted Payment Methods: VISA , Master Card , See Payment Details , E-Transfer
Bidder receive a 3% discount on the buyer's premium when paying with-in 24 hours of the auction and by e-transfer (wire transfer)

bidders pay full invoice including full buyer's premium if paying after 24 hours and/or paying with Visa or MasterCard
if payment not received by 5pm the following day (usually a Friday) a $15 NSF fee will be added to the invoice

Auction Shipping Info

most items will be shipped or picked up in Saskatoon
Saskatoon- please make sure you allow for this when bidding
Pick-up - minimum $20 bid amount - $20 shipping is charged and than returned when items picked up - items to be picked up at a local restaurant in Sutherland
shipping - we express mail BC TO Man. -costing the bidder $20 flat for 1 envelope
express to USA, Ont.and east - costing the bidder $35 flat for 1 envelope
PLEASE - we encourage you to bid on more than one items - we will fill up the envelope and lots will fit in the envelope.
If an item does not apply to the flat rate shipping charges (too large or too heavy) ..please make note and allow that in your bidding
ADDITIONAL INSURANCE - if a bidder requires extra shipping insurance it is available through Canada Post at a rate of $2.25 per $100 - so that is what we charge the bidder....