All-Rite Auctions Ltd
Terms and Conditions
1. All Bidders must register prior to bidding. All sales are final and are deemed made upon acceptance of the bid. The highest Bidder shall be the purchaser and no Bidder shall retract his bid. All-Rite Auctions ltd (the Auctioneer) hereby grants to the party whose signature appears on the bid card/online account (the Bidder) the right to use the bid card for the purpose of bidding at an auction sale conducted by the Auctioneer. This right is granted at the Auctioneer’s sole discretion and may be revoked at any time.
2. All Sales are subject to applicable taxes including GST (Goods & Service Tax) of 5%, Buyer Premiums and other fees applicable specific to this Auction Sale as announced before or during the sale.
3. Auctioneer reserves the right to a) settle any disputes at their sole discretion and the decision is final; b) revoke any bidding card and/or refuse any bid; c) offer any lots in groups and/or choice and d) withdraw any lot prior to, during or after the sale date without notice and at their sole discretion, liability to the Bidder shall be limited to the bid price of the item.
4. The Bidder acknowledges that an Auction site including parking area, whether on private or public land is a potentially dangerous place. Any person at the auction site is there at their own risk and should advise their agents, employees, and all other accompanying parties of the same. No person shall have any claim against the Auctioneer, their employees, or consignors for any injuries sustained, or for damages to, or loss of property which may occur from any cause whatsoever.
5. The Bidder and their agents, employees, and all other accompanying parties agree a) to indemnify and save harmless Auctioneer and its consignors from any and all actions, causes of action, suites, damages, costs and losses of any nature arising from the purchase or use of any item or the attendance or participation of Bidder, his agents or employees at the auction sale and/or on the auction site whether before, during or after the auction sale; b) to be responsible for the payment of the purchase price, fees and taxes due on all purchases using the bid card regardless of whether it is in the Bidder’s possession or not and c) that all rights and defenses available to Auctioneer hereunder shall extend to the consignor.
6. No Bidder shall bid on any lot of which he is the consignor or an agent or associate of the consignor
7. All goods are sold on an “as- is- where -is“ basis and any description, verbal or in the advertising of goods is set out or offered as a guide only. The Auctioneer accepts no responsibility for errors in description, it being the responsibility of prospective buyers to inspect the goods before the sale and satisfy themselves as to condition, age, authenticity, make or model.
8. All purchase must be settled and/or paid for in full on sale day unless at the auction. All purchases must be removed at purchaser’s expense. All purchases not removed within the time frame announced otherwise announced by Auctioneer and before being removed from the auction site, but nevertheless become the responsibility of the bidder immediately upon the sale of an item. It is the responsibility of the bidder to insure their purchases immediately and the Auctioneer is not responsible for stolen or lost items.
9. All purchases must be removed from the auction site within the time frame announced or posted shall be deemed abandoned, unless other arrangements have been made.
10. Payment shall be made in Canadian dollars by cash, bank draft, certified funds, wire transfer, debit, Visa and Mastercard (credit cards to a maximum $30000 only). Outstanding accounts will be charged 2% per month. NSF fees $100.
If payment is made by company Cheque arrangements have to be made with the Auctioneer prior to the auction. The Bidder certifies that there is now on deposit to their credit at the bank on which the Cheque is drawn, sufficient cleared funds to meet payment and that said funds will remain available for payment of said Cheque upon presentation. If Bidder’s Cheque is not honored for any reason, they understand that they will face civil and/or criminal charges which will not be withdrawn. They will be liable for inconvenience and legal fees. Ownership of goods does not transfer until full payment has been received and cleared the bank. In the event the Bidder fails to pay the entire invoice any deposits and/or partial payment(s) shall be forfeited to the Auctioneer. Auctioneer has the right to sell the goods by any means immediately and be entitled to a 30% commission on such sale as well as any additional fees and/or storage charges. Any deficiency arising after the net sale proceeds shall be paid by the Bidder immediately.
11. In the event the Auctioneer is left with any deficiency arising from para 10) and /or any outstanding balances of any sort , the Bidder herewith waives all rights under the seizures act and personally guarantees the debt and assigns any or all properties, goods or chattels at any location to the Auctioneer in order to recover any amount owing. The Auctioneer is herewith authorized to debit the credit card on file for any such outstanding invoices.
12. Bidders registering under their personal name but bidding on the behalf of a company shall be considered one and the same and both are liable under this agreement
13. US and Foreign Buyers: GST (Goods & Service Tax) of 5% will be charged on all items. The GST will be refunded with proof of export from Canada by a third party carrier with the appropriate documentation. Buyers should consult with a US customs broker to confirm any restrictions and fees associated with import of the equipment.
14. Arranged shipping are available and are made by All-Rite Auctions LTD. Shipping prices will be disclosed in your invoice. Alternatively, the bidder does have the option of picking up the lot(s) won from the sale site, within 48 hours.

15. Auctioneer provides live internet bidding as service to the Bidder. The Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function properly the day of the auction. The Bidder shall have no claim against the Auctioneer or anyone else if the live internet bidding does not work properly for any reason before or during the auction. The Auctioneer will not be responsible for any missed bids.