1. All sales are final. The highest bidder shall be the Purchaser and no bidder shall retract his bid.

2. Complete settlement must be made in full the day after the Auction – nothing is to be removed until complete settlement is made.

3. No person shall bid on any lot (a) of which he is the consignor; or (b) as agent, associate on behalf of the consignor.

4. Anyone issuing Ed Prodaniuk Auctions an N.S.F. cheque or stopping payment on a cheque shall pay a service charge at the rate of 24% per annum on all overdue amounts and shall pay all additional costs and expenses incurred including any Solicitor – Client costs incurred by Ed Prodaniuk Auctions in collection of any outstanding amounts owing.

5. Goods “KNOCKED DOWN” sold to the purchaser lie at his risk immediately – we are not responsible for theft or damage.

6. All merchandise sells “AS IS – WHERE IS” any description as to condition or otherwise as set forth on each piece is in no way a warranty or guarantee actual or implied.

7. The Auctioneer shall control the bidding at all times and reserves the right to not accept a bid if it is a fractional advance or if the bid is injurious to the Sale.

8. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse an applicant a bidding card or the privilege of bidding at anytime.

9. Any person registering shall be responsible and liable for his bid card – misuse or loss is the applicant’s responsibility.

10. If for any reason whatsoever, the Auctioneers are unable to clear title to any lot, or provide any necessary documentation required in respect of any lot, whether before or after delivery of such lot, the Auctioneers sole responsibility if any, shall be the return of any monies paid on such lot upon return of the particular lot. Any lot the subject of this paragraph shall be returned or surrendered to the Auctioneers forthwith upon demand such demand to be made at the sole option of the Auctioneers.