Please make sure you have read the terms of this auction before bidding.
Bidding Starts: Monday 31 Oct 2022
Bidding Ends: Thursday, 10th November starting at 06:00 pm
See individual items for exact closing times.

Preview: NO PREVIEW for this auction. Bidding by catalog ONLY.

Only Available Pickup Date/Time: Saturday 12th Nov, 2022 9am to 12pm
Category A: 9am to 10am
Category B: 10am to 11am
Category C: 11am to 12pm
Pickup Location: Beatty Rd, Abbotsford. (Exact address given to winning bidders)

Time slots are listed in the description and often at end of title. Please come to the later time if you have multiple category time slots, but arrive with enough time to pack and move your items before the doors close. By departing from the site you agree that you have all the correct items and are satisfied with them. Before leaving the site you must discuss any issues with on site staff
Buyer's Premium: There is a 18% Buyer's Premium in effect for this auction.

Pickup time windows are fixed and limited, but scheduled prior to the auction opening so you can plan for it. Due to seller constraints, they are inflexible, so please have a plan B ready if you decide to bid. Payment is by Visa or MasterCard credit card immediately on auction close.. Please do not bid more than your credit limit. This auction will be charged in the currency native to the auction location. Current bids cannot be changed or removed once submitted and each one is a promise that you will honor the bid and all the terms. Carefully review the lot description and your bid amount before submitting.
Pickup is DIY - staff are not able to help move, pack or disassemble your purchases. Please come prepared with your own resources and tools to remove your purchases in a timely manner.