Land Auction: Edward & Wanda Malka

Auction Details

Opens: November 24 @9am
Closes: December 1 @3pm (SOFT CLOSE)

Location: Off Hwy 55 & RR 81: 3 Miles North & 0.5 Miles West to RR 82A. North 1 Mile & 0.5 Mile East (Conn Lake)


In our land auctions the seller has the right to accept, reject or counter on the high bid. They usually have until noon the next day to decide. If the bid is not accepted, we negotiate with the high bidder to try to achieve an acceptable price.

This platform will reflect bids as "pending" until they are an official sale.

High bidder for land auctions must have finances arranged prior to auction. A5% deposit must be given with the unconditional offer to purchase.

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SW-14-64-8-W4  and NW-11-64-8-W4 - One Bid for both1 - SW-14-64-8-W4 and NW-11-64-8-W4 - One Bid for both
Stewart Auctions
You are bidding on both of these pieces of land for one bid price! SW-14-64-8-W4 160 ACRES, 3 Dugouts, 3wire perimeter fence around the whole qu
Bidding Has Concluded
Sold to j******c for (435,000.00 + 0.00BP) = 435,000.00
# Rows102050100