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10 E Main Street / PO Box 6 / Racine, MN 55967
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ANNOUNCING: Upcoming onsite and virtual equipment auction

March 5th, 2012 at 3:00 p.m.

Bid online or be there in person

Stupid Loon Saloon

10 E. Main Street
Racine, MN 55967
All items will have a video to demonstrate operation and photos to show condition.
We are now accepting consignments.

You have the option of bringing the machine in, or we can come out and take a video.
All items will have plenty of photos, and will give each and every piece great exposure.

CONTACT Tony or Travis TODAY to consign or inquire about the auction
Email Tony Warmka at Warmka Auction OR Call Tony at 507.208.2000

Email Travis Warmka at Warmka Auction OR Call Travis at 507.754.4500

Email Steven Blomgren at Warmka Auction OR Call Steven at 507.378.3000

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